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In ‘Philosophy of Thinking’ views of past and contemporary philosophers are explored concerning thinking, and the question how thinking has to be comprehended in the light of modern developments in science and society. Various ideas are examined with regard to thinking as an immaterial and material process, the process of thought forming and obtaining knowledge, the part of language in thinking and artificial intelligence. In this research thinking is understood as a material-societal and physical process that is part of matter. The development of thinking shows that man is increasingly able to realise what he thinks: he makes tools, builds devices that register his thinking, he designs systems of artificial intelligence, he uses instru-ments to look in the distant past (space), in the future he will use nanotechnology to carry out an increasing number of operations on a micro level, et cetera. From these developments it may be concluded that both thinking and matter are inextricably connected with each other.
Lidwien Schuitemaker is a graduate philosopher, a social scientist  and the author of ‘Relative Art Criteria Visual Art Reality’, ‘Visual Art Philosophy’ and other works. 



isbn 90-804711-9-4


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